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Performance: Juani De La Isla Quartet


This ensemble is formed by musicians from Spain, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

The ensemble has strong influences of Flamenco and Latin Jazz. Both musicians have very strong musical input on the development of their repertoire.
Also they combined their classical training to make their music with diverse classical and modern rhythms; they bring the Latin Jazz fusion with flamenco that gives it a very unique twist.

These artists are world-class accomplished musicians in their own right and forming this ensemble was all about bringing three cultures together with their music, by learning from each other and developing new ideas.
Juani De La isla brings the flamenco guitar to a different level of performance with his strong and powerful way of composing and playing. He has recorded over 150 albums with artists world-wide and this contributes to his unique style.
Dr. Mariano Morales is a composer/arranger/music director and instrumentalist who encompass a wide spectrum of genres.
Yosmel Montejo is a Bass player from Cuba is must have addition to the ensemble for his experience playing Latin, Latin Jazz, flamenco among other world music genres.
Adrian Cabeza, singer and percussionist,and Valeria Montes, dancer and palmera are the latest addition to the ensemble, bringing their unique talent to the group.

Genres: Flamenco, Latin and Latin Jazz