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Opening Reception: Paula Wilson: Entangled & Mira Burack: Sleeping Between the Sun and the Moon


516 ARTS, Albuquerque's contemporary art museum, announces two concurrent solo exhibitions spotlighting New Mexico women artists Paula Wilson from Carrizozo and Mira Burack from Cerrillos. "Paula Wilson: Entangled" collapses the distance between art and life, embracing an anthropomorphic world view where nature and human life are embodied and reflected. Prints, video, furniture, paintings, sculptures, and clothing merge to reveal a handmade life where interdependence and inter-connectivity take form. "Mira Burack: Sleeping Between the Sun and the Moon" is a meditation on the interior and exterior spaces in and around Burack's New Mexico home in the Ortiz Mountains. The exhibition evokes the elemental and celestial surroundings of this mountainous landscape. It explores the liminal experience and psychological qualities of textiles, the bed and sleep.