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NSRGNTS’ Poeh Ah Ka Wohatsey: The Emergence Teachings of Resilience


Art Through Struggle Gallery in We Are of This Place: The Pueblo Story – The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center's newest indoor mural project is by NSRGNTS, two Indigenous artists based in Albuquerque. NSRGNTS is Leah Povi Marie Lewis (Laguna, Taos, Zuni Pueblos/Hopi/Diné) and Votan Henriquez (Maya/Nahua). Leah and Votan are becoming well known for their unique anime-inspired style of mural painting in vivid colors. Their artwork for IPCC will focus on Pueblo empowerment of past, present, and future. The mural will place emphasis on Po’pay as a Pueblo role model and a figure of strength. The space will invite storytelling and teaching for all ages, through the mural’s approachable style that will be accessible even for our youngest audiences and community members. The exhibition will be on view from June 28, 2024 through June 1, 2025.