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Nikesha Breeze • Black Archive
Alex Ponca Stock • Color Relatives
January 31–March 16
Reception: Saturday, February 17, 6–8 pm

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present Black Archive, a solo exhibition of paintings,
photographs, and sculptural installations by Nikesha Breeze. In the project room the gallery
features Color Relatives, a selection of beaded works by Alex Ponca Stock. Both Breeze
and Ponca Stock present distinct perspectives and mediums with thought-provoking and
culturally significant works.

Nikesha Breeze's Black Archive encompasses a variety of mediums and explores themes of
restoration. Southern Comfort features two antique chairs symbolizing the opulence and
superficial gentility of the Antebellum South. The restored upholstery juxtaposes luxurious silk
jacquard fabric with hand-harvested cotton and human hair stuffing. Pastoral Scenes presents
reproduced antique stereographs depicting African American life in the late 1800s, capturing
scenes of daily life and landscapes. Black Archive also includes recent works from the series
Archival Portraiture and W.E.B. Du Bois Portraits in addition to a site specific installation, Land Effigy.
This interdisciplinary approach aims to prompt viewers to reconsider established historical
narratives and engage with history in a new light.

Nikesha Breeze is an African American/Assyrian interdisciplinary artist, activist, and educator. She
was recently selected by the New Mexico Women in the Arts as one of five Women to Watch in
New Mexico in 2024. The Equal Justice Initiative commissioned Breeze to recreate 108 Death
Masks in bronze, to be unveiled at the Freedom Monument Sculpture Park in Montgomery, AL,
alongside other notable Black contemporary artists. This monument and Breeze’s work were
recently featured in the New York Times. The artist currently lives and works in Taos.

In the project room is Color Relatives by Alex Ponca Stock. This exhibit comprises
abstract beaded broadcloth works, characterized by the use of colored glass beads arranged on
colored wool. As a member of the Osage Nation, she employs beadwork, a craft historically
rooted in tribal ceremonial adornment on wool broadcloth, a form of currency between Osage
people and early European traders.Trained as a painter and inspired by minimalism and
colorfield artists, Stock brings these traditional materials into a contemporary context. Stock’s
work has been exhibited by the Denver Art Museum, the First Americans Museum, and the
Osage Nation Museum, among others. The artist currently lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.

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