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New Exhibit: Mission Aerospace Lands at the Nuclear Museum



The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is excited to announce a new temporary exhibit, Mission Aerospace. This interactive exhibit is a multi-layered exploration of aviation history, aerospace milestones, and some of NASA’s trail-blazing discoveries shaping our world daily. The exhibit opens June 22 and will close on October 6, 2024. It is included in the Museum's general admission.

Visitors will make paper airplanes and rockets, learn about aerodynamics, and test them for distance and air-dexterity in special “launch zones,” flying them to Beijing and Paris or as far away as Saturn and Mars. Guests will learn how gyroscopes are used in navigation, plot a course, and discover the connections between satellites and GPS. A limited number of guests will receive a commemorative badge recognizing their roles as astronauts, scientists, technicians, pilots, engineers, or crew members.

About Minotaur Mazes

Mission Aerospace, created by Minotaur Mazes, a worldwide leader in interactive educational maze exhibits, is a thrilling journey for all ages that combines the mysteries of space with the excitement of a maze adventure.