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Native Women’s Business Summit


The Native Women’s Business Summit is a 1.5 day workshop scheduled for April 13-14, 2018. We hope to bring together 200+ Native American WOMEN in business to share our collective experiences, grow our social capital and create a network that is reflective of our own cultures and communities. Our opening evening launch will begin at Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. April 13th followed by a full day of plenary and workshop sessions on Saturday, April 14th at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. 

We set our priorities based on our collective experiences as Native Women entrepreneurs. We know from every study about the racial and gender pay gaps, wealth disparities, domestic violence, sexual trauma etc. that Native American women are the most afflicted community in this country, intersecting in such profound ways that intersecting discrimination is not a hidden experience, it is a very visceral challenge that Native Women face every day. This summit is our first step to tackle the unmet needs of Native American women by weaving our power and culture with basic business and entrepreneurship skills to become business leaders for our communities and families.

The core of our speakers will be Native Women in business with direct expertise in basic business skills, raising capital and the culture and ethics of being a Native American woman in a leadership position.

Support of the Native Women’s Business Summit establishes your organization as a respected leader dedicated to supporting a growing movement of diverse women-led companies.

● Help create more Native Women in leadership positions
● Develop diverse thought leaders in the country
● Build the foundation for strong stable families
● Increase social entrepreneurship
● Be an early supporter of amplifying diverse voices and therefore creating a strengthened economy