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The Murder Mystery at the Mauger is a one of a kind murder mystery experience where you are fully immersion into the classic 1920s speakeasy theme. Room reservations include a role in the murder, privi to clues earlier in the evening. Catered 4 course Dinner, Magician Entertainment, Casino card games with professional dealers & prizes. Live music and an escorted outing to local spots (I’m not at liberty to discuss where the location is at this time due to the prohibition). Last but not least Brunch the next day for the great unveiling of the slick murderer. A limited amount of spectator tickets will be sold. Spectator include evening casino entertainment, magician entertainment, live music & brunch the next day for the great unveiling of the slick murderer. 

The bop unfolds throughout the night. Clues taking place in the 122 year old Queen Ann Victorian Mauger Estate Bed and Breakfast and during outings to the best juice joints downtown to dip the bill. Don’t be a fool and turn into a boob there’s a killer loose, and it could be you!! Or is it me? Pay attention to this murder mystery ... cus this is one for the books.