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Mosaic Glass Blocks


6.6&7: Glass Block Mosaic w/Erika Harding


First Session Thursday 12-4, Second Session Friday 12-3

The Glass Block Mosaic (using stained glass on gorgeous glass blocks, for indoors or outdoors) class is appropriate for everyone, including beginners, who wants to experiment with glass and learn how to make something beautiful. The classes will be small enough for both group and individual instruction.

Day 1 is a four-hour block, when we introduce techniques and talk about design, and then give everyone time to work on and (hopefully) complete their project. You can continue your project at home if you wish. Day 2 is a three-ish hour block when we will clean our pieces, grout and and then do final cleaning. You will then be ready to tackle much bigger projects, like glass-on-glass mosaic tables, for example. All tools and materials included.