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Minerals of New Mexico


The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science is installing a new exhibit in our Atrium mineral gallery.

The minerals in this exhibit include representatives of the mineralogical wealth and beauty of New Mexico. Many of them are from historic mining districts throughout the state. New Mexico has a long history of mining. In the past, New Mexico produced zinc, silver, copper and molybdenum in large quantities from ore minerals. The Cerrillos Mountains are considered the oldest mining district in North America; and the first gold rush west of the Mississippi took place in New Mexico’s Ortiz Mountains.

Also on display are unusual New Mexico mineral specimens such as smoky quartz crystals from Lincoln County, showing phantom crystals that outline earlier stages of the crystal formation, and an unusual blue halite specimen from the Carlsbad Potash District in Eddy County that was donated to the Museum from the Albuquerque Gem and Mineral Club. Other unusual New Mexico minerals (and some rocks) will be added to the display over the next few months.