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Mars SEE Mission Link-Up Day


Mission to Mars is a classroom-based Mars colonization simulation for fifth graders, sponsored by AFRL New Mexico STEM Outreach. Students prepare for and simulate going on a manned mission to Mars to build a colony of habitats. 

For approximately four months, students prepare for this mission through teamwork and problem-solving activities. Student crews create mission patches, write sagas, build life support systems, and communicate with crews from other schools to identify the location of their colony on Mars.
The mission culminates in a Link-Up Day activity in the spring, where crews come together to simulate establishing a colony on Mars.. Each crew progresses through a series of holding stations to ensure they have completed the necessary preparations. Then students construct their habitats and link them to form neighborhoods in their colony. 

This year's mission is the Mars Scan, Evaluate, and Excavate Mission 2017-2018