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Lost Worlds: Microphotography of Extinct Species


The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS) is excited to welcome a new traveling exhibition – Lost Worlds: Microphotography of Extinct Species – that invites visitors to look at fossils from an entirely new perspective. 

What: Lost Worlds: Microphotography of Extinct Species. On loan from Misericordia University in Pennsylvania, Lost Worlds features a selection of 38 photographs taken by researchers around the world that highlight the natural beauty of cellular structures that compose some of the most fascinating creatures to have ever walked the earth. 


These photomicrographs are used in the study of fossilized skeletal tissues, but Lost Worlds displays them as works of art. Through this lens, the exhibition shows the uncanny beauty of cells from the tooth of an early horse, the fibula from a Cretaceous-era horned dinosaur, and much more. 


The exhibition is on view now, and is included in regular museum admission. 


Where: The New Mexico Museum of Natural History West Gallery, on the museum’s second floor. 


When: The exhibition will be on view until June 23, 2024. 


Why: Blending art, history, and paleontology, Lost Worlds not only shows the stunning beauty of microphotography, but it also invites visitors to study the bones and teeth of extinct organisms, offering a new viewpoint of some of our planet’s most stunning creatures.