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28th Market Season starts Sat. May 2, 2020, and runs from 8AM-11AM and will operate with COVID-19 protocols each Saturday during the season until the Public Health Order’s restrictions are lifted. Market will be open since it is an essential business. The market has some working guidelines it developed to be consistent with the CDC and state guidelines:

The market area will be roped off and have two entrances, one at the north and one at the south, each staffed by volunteers to let in 4 customers every 5 min. or to not have more than 4 people at any one booth and maintain 6 ft social distancing. Winter markets usually have fewer attendees, so customers may not have to wait 5 minutes to enter if the lines at vendor booths are short. Customers will be asked to walk clockwise around the market and keep social distancing.

  • No pets – please leave them at home.
  • Please shop alone to help with social distancing.
  • Only food and plant starts will be allowed. No Arts & Crafts, music, special guests and non-essential products allowed.
  • All vendors will wear gloves and face coverings (handkerchiefs/scarfs/homemade fabric masks etc.) that cover the mouth and nose.
  • Customers are encouraged to wear face coverings as suggested by the governor for anyone going out.
  • As much as possible all products should be pre-packaged. Customers may not handle produce/products and vendors will hand customers the packages/bags of produce etc.
  • Customers may bring their own bags/baskets to put the pre-packaged items into.
  • Hand washing station will be located at north end. Hand sanitizer will be available at the two entrances.
  • No table/chair seating or benches for eating take-out food or for socialization.
  • We appreciate your cooperation in helping to support local agriculture and our growers.