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Karl Hoffman Shapeshifters


Albuquerque Museum visitors are invited to view the progression of the installation of a unique, site-specific sculptural work of art created by Karl Hofmann in the lobby of Albuquerque Museum beginning February 11, 2019. Albuquerque Museum visitors will be able to view the progression of the artwork throughout February and March, and the installation will remain on view throughout 2019.

Karl Hofmann builds large-scale installations that turn every-day materials into abstract spectacles of shape, color and light. His site specific structures transform spaces by bringing together built forms that seemingly defy gravity. Utilizing boards, plywood, and various types of hardware and lighting, Hoffman “builds” paintings. His three dimensional works are in conversation with the processes of two dimensional painting as he continually works to resolve issues that a painter grapples with including light and shadow, perspective, and balance.

Hofmann’s creative practice involves a certain level of improvisation. Each decision in his process reflects on the one before and influences the next. While he begins each installation with a specific plan, his projects tend to take on a life of their own as the materials and the physical place impact the finished work. Hofmann describes his approach as an intuitive conversation between the materials and the space in which the work is being installed.
According to Hofmann, “I work to harness the potential beauty I find inherent in everyday things and enhance and distort those qualities through a process that involves drawing, collecting materials, shaping and painting and finally intuitively composing. I am attuned to the way that our world is composed of deep patterns hidden under the surface details. Like an ecosystem, my work relies on the careful integration of many parts to form a coherent, interlinked whole.”

The installation will be a unique, one-time artwork that will never be replicated. Hofmann’s artworks are different every time and exist only temporarily. As a result, the viewer is entering into an experience that is fleeting in nature.

Hofmann has a background in painting both in natural and in urban environments. He is interested in exploring the ways that light and shadow expose surprising combinations of shape, form, color and texture. Hofmann holds a BFA from the University of Michigan and an MFA from the University of New Mexico. His work has been the recipient of numerous awards and is in several collections.