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Joe Tohonnie Jr. and the White Mountain Apache Crown Dancers


AMP is excited to collaborate with FUSION in launching an exciting new downtown outdoor performance space—The FUSION Meadow! The Meadow is an expansive outdoor venue on the FUSION arts campus, with a 1500 square foot covered stage overlooking an outdoor space with a capacity of 1200. FUSION, home to the FUSION Theater Company, is a center for the arts and culture in Downtown Albuquerque with a multi-use venue, 35,000 square foot campus, three performance spaces, and indoor and outdoor event spaces. It's located just south of 1st and Lomas NW, at the northern terminus of the future Rail Trail—a mixed use path that will follow the Railroad from the Railyards to the FUSION space.

Albuquerque Summer Scene will take over this space every Sunday from June through August. FUSION will be organizing family-friendly afternoon activities from 2-4 PM that will lead into the early evening concerts. Each night will feature two performers, with the first one taking the stage at 5 PM.

We are so excited about this project that we are putting up a sneak peek so you can see how it is coming together.

Check back for more details soon!


Big Thanks to Rick & Gail Thaler for being our first sponsors of Albuquerque Summer Scene. We are going to need A LOT more sponsors to pay for this. If you are an individual or local business eager to support a new art scene downtown, let us know!

Free! Make a reservation to get event updates and additional details.

Born and raised on the White Mountain Apache reservation in the Whiteriver community of North Central Arizona, Joe Tohonnie, Jr. draws inspiration for performing from his culture. His grandfather, Stacey Classey, was a medicine man who sang traditional Apache songs, while his father Joe Tohonnie Sr. shared traditional Navajo songs with him.

Both Apache and Navajo influences of songs have brought Tohonnie, Jr. full circle to find his own personal voice. In honor and respect of these two tribal influences he chose to find a peaceful resolution instead of conflict. In addition, Joe's Dzilth Ligai White Mountain Apache Crown Dancers are his family, they protect him in many ways. It is with great respect that they honor their traditional values and their integrity with who they are and what they represent.