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Herstory Printmaking Collective Exhibition


Herstory Printmaking Collective at the Outpost is an exhibition that features over 30 portraits of women and nonbinary people from different times and cultures. The Herstory project is a unique and welcome experiment in collective art-making that centralizes stories of women who have impacted the world in multitudes of ways. This grouping of portraits represents a wide sampling of Herstory’s many prints created throughout the last several years. Prints included in this exhibition feature women who may be more widely recognized, such as Frida Kahlo and Deb Haaland, as well as individuals that may be less well-known such as Rosa Guerrero, founder of the International Rosa Guerrero Folklorico Dance Group in El Paso and Reagan Wytsalucy, a Navajo horticulturist working to reestablish original food crops, counter food insecurity, increase resiliency, and perpetuate traditional cultural knowledge. The portraits are created by individual members and workshop participants, but collectively signed under Herstory. Each portrait includes information about the women portrayed. This exhibition invites us to learn and celebrate these and all remarkable women who continue to change the world.

On View: June 3rd - August 16th during Outpost performances or by appointment.

Herstory Printmaking Collective Statement:

We are a group of women printmakers. As a collective we produce portrait murals of women who have impacted how we see and understand the world. About 2 years ago we got together and started creating printed portraits of women. They are loosely in the style of political street art…done on newsprint and wheat pasted to walls. We have community guest artists who join us. Often these women are learning to print for the first time or may be creating portraits for the first time and are growing their visual language.

Each portrait is approximately 16 by 24 inches and includes the subject’s name. We use a bold style to make each portrait visible from afar. Herstory portraits include posters of Amanda Gorman, Augusta Savage, belle hooks, Malala, Violeta Parra, Tarana Burke, Deb Haaland, Friedl Dicker Brandeis, Dagmar Llewelyn, Greta Thurnberg, Jennifer Keelan, Emma Gonzalez, Margaret Randall, Rachel Carson, Dolores Huerta, Georgia O’Keefe and Sylvia Rivera. Each portrait reflects the artist’s particular desire to hold up their chosen subject’s life and amplify their impact. The portraits reflect all kinds of women…race, ability, gender, age, local, national, international, living and passed. We do not sign our individual pieces but prefer to be known collectively as Herstory.

We enjoy getting art outside and on the streets. Find out more about Herstory Printmaking at: Herstory on Facebook, and Herstory on Instagram.  @herstoryprintmaking

– Julianna Kirwin, Michelle Shelly Korte, Lena Weiss, & Stephanie Weiner