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Enter the home of the demented couple, where you will meet the young female "Nina".  The couple believed her to be the perfect child and the only one thus far to be unharmed, having met the expectations of the couple’s rules..."hear no evil", "see no evil" & "speak no evil".   Follow her throughout the secret passages that the children made in order to survive this terrifying house of slaughter.  You will be walking between walls, climbing steps, entering and exiting thru vents, closets and cabinets.  You will also encounter several hidden booby traps that "Leather Head” installed, to eliminate their chance of escape.  Due to starving conditions, children resorted to gnawing at each other.  So, beware and do NOT allow them to see you; as they will attempt feeding!!

Should you make it through the main house unscathed by "Leather Head" or "Mother Mary", your final obstacle will be conquering their wolf creature, who they fed the children's remains.  Who will be the sacrifice?  Will it, be you?  Will you make it out?  Or will you be one of the unfortunate to be trapped in the WALLS?