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Harvest Moon Jazz and Blues Weekend


Swing through the ages East and West History of Jazz & Blues Weekend Albuquerque NM Nov 1-3 2019


Dig deep into American Vernacular dance in this two day intensive. We'll be tracing the roots of both jazz and blues and learning the historic dance styles that form the foundation of American social dance.

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Featuring international instructor Brenda Jean Russell ~!!!!
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As a movement educator and dance instructor Brenda spends her time advocating for movement based lifestyle and sensual living.

Brenda is currently documenting the body of work she has developed over the past two decades participating in cultural dances from African, Afro-Latin, African-American, and contemporary American cultures.

Brenda’s early dance training included about 30 dance styles. She has also studied historic music, dance, and social culture.
Brenda is a Qi Gong Instructor, Franklin Method Educator, and Hiking Guide. Brenda has been interested in and studying health, wellness, and mind-body from her earliest memories in the home, dedicating herself to improve nutrition, as well as maintain a functional and pain-free body.

Brenda continues to study and train with educators, historians, and practitioners, always striving to increase her understanding and ability. She currently studies under Eric Franklin, Zhenzan Dao, and Nii Ardey Allotey, among others.



Rural Blues Styles: Feet stompin', knee slappin', early rhythm and connection for down home blues, a predecessor to the American social dances of the 1900's


Dixieland Jazz: one step and two step learn the roots of American social dance that is the foundation for swing, blues, and more. Savoy Walks/Swing Walks (commonly danced in the Savoy Ballroom) come forth from these original American dances.

Charleston: This world renowned dance trend is where rhythm and pulse transition us from Ragtime to Swing Era dancing.

Texas Tommy/Apache: Another stepping stone to Swing. The first recorded swing outs.

Lindy Hop: Our prized American Folk dance shared in the true Harlem Style.


Balboa: Orange County's Sophisticated Jazz Dance

Jitterbug: The California Swing Dances

West Coast Swing 1948: Evolving out of Dean Collins Lindy Hop

Blues Dances: Blues and R&B exist all the way through American history from the arrival of African slaves and greatly influenced American social dance.