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Gateway to Sense of Wonder: "Wonder"-ing with Storytime


“Wonder”-ing with Storytime will present another part of the Gateway to Sense of Wonder series, which is a collaboration between the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center and the New Mexico Arts Imaginative Collective. Performances with giant puppets, Puppet Theater, film screenings and local storytellers. Experience what will immerse and connect you with art, nature and community.

Gateway to Sense of Wonder: An Intersection of Nature and Art the latest group Art Show by the New Mexico Arts Imaginative Collective explores the intersection between our physical environment and art. 5 participating artists all share a common respect and senses of wonder inspired by the mystic Southwest and have joined in this exhibit that combines nature-inspired paintings, multi-media projects, etc. Finding ourselves at a crossroads of balancing the needs of living in the environment with the need for allowing nature to remain in a delicate balance the Collective hopes to bring about a greater awareness of the irreplaceable gift of our land, water, air, flora and fauna.