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Join us for FREE music at 12pm every Saturday in August! Outdoor concerts will take place at the beautiful Center for Ageless Living Community Park. A great free Saturday fun for Families and friends. A special meal will be prepared by the Green House Bistro & Bakery for enjoyment in the park or join us in the dining room for ice cold beer or a glass of wine.

August 3rd - Gunsafe
Gunsafe is a conglomeration of talented musicians centered around the voice and songs of Stella Martinez. They draw inspiration from many facets of music, from the bluegrass of Tennessee to the country songs of Hank Williams, with the high lonesome sound of the big Texas plains and a little bit
of the soul of mariachi.

August 10th - Jeane Rich & Mixed Company
Jeane Rich & Mixed Company’s music delights and unites people of all ages and backgrounds. Playing music from country to salsa, blues to rancheras, soul to silly, and ballads to rock and roll.

August 17th - Felix y Los Gatos
New Mexico roots band known for their unique Zydeco, Tejano, Django swing & Blues! Since starting in 2004, they have grown into one of the most musically diverse and entertaining acts of the Desert Southwest.

August 24th - Silver String Band
Formed in 2015, the Silver String Band is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional bluegrass music. This “rowdygrass” ensemble balances high-energy, boot-scooting music with enchanting, soulful songs that will pluck at your heartstrings.

August 31th - Dust City Opera
Dust City Opera is the American Southwest’s fastest-rising Indie folk-rock band led by singer/songwriter Paul Hunton. They’re known for their unique instrumentation, crafty songwriting, and
playful onstage banter.