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Flamenco Performance: Jesus Munoz, Dream


Muñoz says, “I decided to reflect on a famous Nina Simone statement, “An artist’s duty as far as I am concerned, is to reflect the time.” … “So, I look around me, I read the paper, I see what’s online, in the media and how we’ve come so far—but at the same time—we’re moving backwards in social accountability and relationships. In a time where I feel that there is a lot of toxic narrative and a huge dump on the foundation of solidarity, we breathe love with this concert and express the fact that yes, we have emotions and--- We are also pissed off! It’s ok to embrace negative emotion as well as the positive, because that is life. It’s not all a ray of sunshine. The 99% are watching day after day, the war on love and incessant pouring of gasoline to the blazen the fire of cruelty, it’s not ok. Dance and live events is one of those places where you still need to BE present. Flamenco dance is living and dying art in a real-time representation, a feeling of now. It’s urgent, so we act on today.