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Jun 26
Sunday 12:30pm ONLY!

Dir. various - 2022 - 88m - Admission is a sliding scale starting at $6

BONUS: NEW MEXICO WOMEN IN FILM will be co-hosting and moderating a special Q&A/talk after the screening!

Femme Frontera is a Latinx-led film organization made up of, and founded by women and non-binary filmmakers from the U.S.-Mexico border regions of El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, México. Their mission is to amplify films made by women and non-binary filmmakers from border regions around the world and to celebrate these unique voices through showcasing work, funding projects, and providing film education.

For this year's fest -

EVERYTHING IS BLUE by: Micaela “Mica” Burgess - A young art curator discovers, to her horror, that she can only see the color blue.

THERE WAS NOBODY HERE WE KNEW by: Khaula Malik - After spotting what they believe is a UFO outside their window, a middle-aged Pakistani couple contemplates alien life and searches for answers during lockdown.

TIME AND THE SEASHELL by: Kii Nche Ndusta - This short film invites an audience to consider past, present, and future of a changing landscape and vanishing biodiversity.

VIVAS NOS QUEREMOS by: Saray Argumedo - A sin frontera collective effort between femm artists from different geographic locations. Voices, art, cantos, and music in solidarity with the missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, trans, two-spirit relatives of the Americas.

MIJO written and directed by: Mazdey Snob - Mijo is a young dreamer, suddenly blessed with the gift of King Midas. However, his ability has a unique twist: whatever and whoever he touches is stylishly pimped up.

NURTURE by: Ying-Fang Shen - Breast Milk comes quietly into the world at the time of birth to raise newborns. Sometimes they go even further and nourish more little lives through milk banks.

FOLK FRONTERA by: Alejandra Vasquez - Folk Frontera is a magical-realist portrait of life in the borderlands. The film follows two fronteriza women as they struggle to find their place in the vast Chihuahuan Desert, a region whose culture is thousands of years old, but which is bisected by the U.S.-Mexico border.

LULLABY by: Khushee Hegde - The COVID pandemic brought an overwhelming sense of isolation and hopelessness. ???? (LULLABY) relates to the idea of the different emotions felt by people while quarantining inside their homes and how the ‘home’ becomes a space of constriction.