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Exhibit: Parasites, Prosthetics, Parallels and Partners


Pictured above: Nicola López, "Parasites, Prosthetics, Parallels and Partners" (6), 2017.
Multi-color monoprint collage assembled from lithographically printed elements, 41 x 43 inches. Collaborating Printers: Ash Armenta, Thomas Cert. Published by Tamarind Institute.

Nicola López: "Parasites, Prosthetics, Parallels and Partners" is an exhibition of eight, large scale, monoprint collages Nicola López created in the spring of 2017 when she returned to Tamarind for her fourth artist residency with the workshop. Gathering the artist’s ongoing interest in industry, architecture, and technology into a concentrated grouping, the exhibition conveys the interdependency between life and death—human desire bound to great achievement, often in the face of failure and despair.

Opening reception on February 8th, 5 - 7 pm