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Exhibit: Currency


Image: Christy Chow, Come Run In Me (from the Laborland series)

CURRENCY is a major exhibition of local, national and international artists who, through a range of media, reflect on our relationship with money and materialism. CURRENCY invites audiences to re-examine various elements of contemporary economic systems as social constructs, as mythologies, and as complex frameworks that often determine how societies value money, time, art and progress. It asks viewers to consider not only the perceptions of how the circulation of currency impacts the economy but how money impacts creativity. What is the value of art in a society powered by commodification?
CURRENCY sheds light on the impacts of capitalism as well as the value of art as a means of raising awareness and dialogue in response to current economic systems. Artistic responses to financial crises contribute to our understanding of pronounced inequalities and dysfunctions during times of crisis. Through the eyes of contemporary artists, this exhibition explores issues around money and value in our current society. It provides a place for reflection on society’s priorities and how we live our lives, at a time when art is so highly valued but artists often do not benefit financially and are increasingly left out of key discussions regarding economic prosperity. Myths about money and value from various cultural and historical perspectives help frame the exhibition and promote dialogue around topics of pricelessness/worthlessness, quantity/quality and sacred/profane.

Featured artists include: Mel Chin, Christy Chow, Hernan Gomez Chavez, Jennifer Dalton, Nina Elder, Theaster Gates, Scott Greene, Erika Harrsch, Yoshiko Shimano, Federico Solmi, Evan Desmond Yee and Debtfair artist collaborative, among others.