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Envisioning the Landscape from Thomas Cole to Contemporary Artists


Saturday, November 19
2–3:15 p.m.
Panel Discussion: Envisioning the Landscape from Thomas Cole to Contemporary Artists
Free event

Landscape painting rose to prominence in the United States during the mid-19th century due in part to the popularity of Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School artists. Nearly two centuries later, Kiki Smith and Shi Guorui take inspiration from the living world depicted in many of Cole’s paintings and described in his writings about his surroundings in the Catskill Mountains. New Mexican artists Paula Wilson and Nicola López hone in on the relationship between land, the body, and the built environment to explore how people are part of the land around us.

In this panel discussion and the accompanying exhibitions, curators and artists consider the awe, beauty, and power of nature as well as the vulnerability of the environment.

Panelists include Chief Curator at the National Gallery of Art Franklin Kelly, Director of Exhibitions and Collections at Thomas Cole National Historic Site Kate Menconeri, Head Curator at Albuquerque Museum Josie Lopez, and artists Kiki Smith, Shi Guorui, and Nicola López.