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Einstein's Violin


THE WORLD PREMIER OF "EINSTEIN'S VIOLIN" written and performed by Thomas Schuch

About the Production

“The seed of this production was sown in 2005 when I was shopping for a violin bow for my production of Einstein: A Stage Portrait. I was in Robertson & Sons Violin Shop and speaking with one of the sons when he mentioned they were repairing one of Einstein’s violins. He asked if I’d like to see it. Of course, I said yes! It was in pieces and looked rather ordinary. But, I learned that Einstein made simple repairs to his violin plus the famous scientist left a tidbit of his sense of humor behind. ” ~TS

“(Music)…is the liquid which all matter of being flows.” Albert Einstein

The Story

Accompanied by his favorite classical music, Einstein begins to repair his precious violin, ’Lina.’ All the while he talks to a soon to be revealed muse about his love for music and its influence on his life and work. Through Einstein’s words and the beautiful precision of a classical music we celebrate the coming together of art, science, and love.

The Times

Enormous changes in science, art, culture, and politics were taking place during Einstein’s formative and most productive years influencing both his work and his view of the world.