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Dr. Armin Rembe Lecture Series: O’Keeffe and Moore at the Albuquerque Museum


In honor of our shared values and missions, Los Poblanos and the Albuquerque Museum have joined together to celebrate the arts and culture of  New Mexico and create community programming. This fall, the museum will host the O’Keeffe and Moore exhibition, organized by the San Diego Museum of Art. The exhibition re-creates both Georgia O’Keeffe and Henry Moore’s studios with their original found objects, tools, and furnishings, and visitors can see more than 120 works of art by the two artists. Join us at La Quinta Cultural Center to hear Museum Director, Andrew Connors, discuss the exhibit and its relevance to the art and history of New Mexico.

Los Poblanos is the title sponsor of the O’Keeffe and Moore exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum.