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Domingos en Arte: Maferefun Orisha, A Salute to the Saints


Maferefun Orisha introduces the public to the pantheon of Afro-Cuban gods and goddesses. These saints—or Orisha—represent different aspects of nature and humanity. The first set of this performance showcases the Orishas through story, song, and dance. The Bataleros de Querque will sing traditional songs in Yoruban while playing the sacred batá drums, while the Odara Dance Ensemble will portray the different gods and goddesses through dance and costume. Hear and see Chango, the god of thunder and lightning; Ochun, the river goddess of love; Oya, the goddess of the wind; and more.

During the second set, the Odara Dance Ensemble and the Bataleros de Querque will perform and teach a set of Afro-Cuban folkloric dances, including the rumba, macuta, and son. Odara will ask for audience participation, so this will be your chance to learn these dances.

Domingos en Arte, a summer music and dance series presented by Melaza Music, AMP Concerts, and the National Hispanic Cultural Center is a family-friendly summer event on Sundays in NHCC’s charming Fountain Courtyard that features live music, drinks, and delicious Latin cuisine. The NHCC’s newest on-campus restaurant—La Fonda del Bosque—will be offering unique themed dinners before each concert and providing a cash bar and tapas throughout the night.