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Desert Stories: The Art of Kelly Frye & Jazmin Novak


Desert Stories: The Art of Kelly Frye & Jazmin Novak is an artist-led exhibition collaboratively curated by Kelly Frye (Tesuque Pueblo/Mescalero Apache descent) and Jazmin Novak (Diné) of the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. Desert Stories interweaves visual narratives of the Southwest in paintings, glass, clay, and bronze artworks. In Frye’s paintings, she reorganizes geometric patterns into symphonies of color that melt into each other. In Novak’s sculpture, she uses asymmetry in her color palettes to give emphasis to certain parts of desert animals, like rabbits and coyotes. Bringing together two- and three-dimensional expressions creates an innovative take on the world of the Southwest desert as seen in the artists’ reimaginings of angular pottery designs and iconic, brush-dwelling animals. Using color as a method of disorientation, Frye and Novak make us see familiar Southwest elements in a completely different and unfamiliar light.