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Creative Age: Puppet Making


Albuquerque Museum was selected as one of only 20 museums throughout the United States to receive a grant from Aroha Philanthropies, through its initiative Seeding Vitality Arts in Museums. These workshops highlight exhibitions at Albuquerque Museum through teaching related art classes. Workshops will be 8 two-hour sessions. 

Attendees must be 55 years or older. 

This puppetry workshop introduces students to the art of designing, building, and performing fully functioning puppet characters. Participants are introduced to a variety of techniques, with a focus on 3 styles (i.e. buraku, hand and rod, shadow, etc.) based on the collective interests and abilities of the students. This workshop culminates with a presentation fully realized puppet characters.


Instructor Devon Ludlow studied with Emmy winning puppeteer Tim Giugni, and then studied in Bulgaria and Brazil. His work focuses on comedy, with a goal of pioneering new techniques in the medium. Ludlow is a trained actor, puppeteer and dancer, with thousands of stage performances off Broadway and internationally. He founded and co-directed the NY International Clown Theatre Festival, and founded theatre/film puppet company The Human Beast Box.