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This very special program takes place on the same weekend as the Santa Fe Institute’s “Interplanetary Festival” and is an exciting event that incorporates several art forms and astrophysics. Patricia Henning, a UNM astrophysicist and member of the New Mexico Bach Chorale, explores our place in the universe through a slide show that includes galaxies which she and her students have recently discovered. Artist Tina Mion exhibits some of her latest work, including an image of the blood moon. NMPAS Artistic Director Franz Vote leads a vocal quartet and an ensemble of 9 instruments and keyboard in music from Bach’s Art of the Fugue and a series of arias about the moon, astronomers, the evening star, and a total eclipse. Readings from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice by the founder of the International Shakespeare Guild, Santa Fe’s own John Andrews, round out the program, which closes with Joseph Strauss’s amazing waltz, Sphären-Klänge [Music of the Spheres]. T