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Cine Magnífico Film - TRAS EL CRISTAL by Agustí Villaronga


11th Annual Latino Film Festival Cine Magnífico, with the film TRAS EL CRISTAL by Agustí Villaronga.

During World War II, Dr. Klaus tortured, murdered and abused multitudes of children in Nazi concentration camps. After the war, a suicide attempt forces him to remain connected to an iron lung, helped only by his wife, Griselda, and his daughter Rena. The appearance of a young man who offers to take care of him will establish between them a sordid relationship based on desire, revenge and fascination for evil.

Spain, 1986.

Duration: 107 Minutes 

Not recommended for persons under 18.

This is session 3 out of 4 for Friday, 9/22/23.

Please reserve your ticket for each session separately.