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Cine Magnífico Film - ESTACION CATORCE by Diana Cardozo


11th Annual Latino Film Festival Cine Magnífico, with the film ESTACION CATORCE by Diana Cardozo. Doors open at 2:15 pm.

Seven-year-old Luis is shocked, witnessing the murder of his neighbor and the indifference of the townspeople.

His neighbor's house is ransacked by the villagers, including his father, who takes a sofa. Father and son embark on a symbolic journey of no return. They will try to sell their loot in another village. The road is long, they must cross a mountain on a bicycle, pushing the sofa on a cart. Luis witnesses his father's limits and his defeat.

In a few days, the boy faces the mystery of death, the fragility of the adult world and the rules of masculinity in his rough world. Everything happens between games. It is the pain of growing up while life remains unshakable.

Mexico, 2022

Duration: 90 Minutes

This is session 2 out of 4 for Friday, 9/22/23.

Please reserve your ticket for each session separately.