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A 7-piece band rooted in the iconic marimba de chonta and steeped in the Pacific coast's Afro-Colombian culture, identity, and history.

Chontadelia has been making its mark since 2015, called out for its socially engaged celebrations which voice their communities' histories, stories, struggles and concerns. "The capacity to enjoy, to have a good time, is not separate from what is happening to you, your country, your community. Stand up, talk about the issues, dance."

Based in Bogotá, the band completed its first tour to Panama in early March, just as the world was locking down in response to the COVID-19 crisis. "We're working apart now, but we've already added horns to our mix, and more than ever, we're finding ways to connect."

What's in a name? Chontadelia comes from the fusion of two words; chonta – the wood that the marimba is made of, and delia – psychedelic sounds.