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CELL PHONE PHOTO CLASS with Irene Fertik, Professional Photographer.


CELL PHONE PHOTO CLASS with Irene Fertik, Professional
Monday, October 17 at 10 AM - noon.
Suggested Donation is $20. RSVP: (505) 243-6269

This is a two-hour class, getting participants more familiar with their cell phone's
photo capabilities.
Irene Fertik, your instructor, will start off talking about her cell phone and its
capabilities, setting the tone. Then everyone introduces themselves, and their cell
phone in a round robin old fashioned style.
After our introductions, Irene will talk about the 3 essentials of good
 1- light
 2- composition with cropping
 3- the best moment
This will be a hands-on workshop, as we walk around the museum, which has the
most spectacular lighting that a photographer could ask for...Its ceilings are
mostly panes of glass, in a large factory-like setting. We will explore and
photograph with our cell phones, many of the old/vintage machines in WHEELS;
learning how to use the light, angles, foreground and background components in
each photo.
As we become more familiar with what our individual cell phones can do
photographically, we will ABSOLUTELY find the right MOMENT to click the button
at the bottom of our cell phone screen. We will learn to "play" with what our cell
phone camera can do as we are inspired by the settings in the museum.
• Which camera is the best camera?? Why, the one you have with you at the
• In today's world, it is your CELL PHONE, your constant companion!!

• I will show you tools to maximize your vision, using the best light, and
other components of good photography. You are encouraged to explore your own
unique view of the world.