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ACROSS THE BOARD: Intersecting Nature


Across the Board uses the game board motif to explore our interconnectedness with all things and the possible impact that our human involvement has on our environment and all levels of nature. We know that the smallest changes in a system can result in very large differences in that system’s behavior. Our activity ripples out and reverberates. Sometimes it takes a long view to fully understand the effects of our actions.


In these works, the game board represents our wandering and curiosity, and like any game board considers skill, chance, and risk — it is a mode of discovery and performance where we win or lose. The underlying equal-armed cross is an ancient mark, symbolizing life, direction, and interchange. This cross has been adapted to certain game boards, like Parcheesi, where the center functions as home base for ideas, goals, and success. Movement around the board mirrors the direction our paths may take with safe, holding zones off to the sides. It is a familiar reflection of our own journey through life. I look at the effect of our earthly play on our environment with a sense of both adventure and concern, and a deep love and appreciation for our natural world.

— Mary Lambert