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Abstraction in Albuquerque: Six Artists


A group exhibition featuring Lucy Maki, Min Che, Kim Arthun, Bryce Hample, Abdiel Beltrán, and Robbie Sugg.

This exhibition explores some of the different ways artists in Albuquerque are using ideas of abstraction in their work. A variety of artistic methods including painting, collage, and drawing will be on display and in dialogue with one another. In 1991, the Kimo theater hosted an exhibition called Abstraction in Albuquerque: Five Artists. The forthcoming exhibition at the Inpost Artspace is an update, continuation, and connection back to that time and place. How have things changed and how have they stayed the same? Where is there continuity and where is there new invention? Some of these artists are long time Albuquerque residents, contributing to the art scene here for decades. Others are fairly new to this beautiful and thriving artistic community. It’s with great excitement that they are presented all together at the Inpost Artspace. Abstraction in Albuquerque: Six Artists explores the multifaceted and ever evolving concepts of abstraction in art and celebrates the abstract art community in Albuquerque.