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ABQ Trolley X: BaD Tour


Featured in USA Today, People magazine, LA Times, The Huffington Post, Travel Channel and more, the BaD Tour is the first ever Breaking Bad locations tour of Albuquerque. Breaking Bad is the Emmy-winning television series that was shot on location in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Spend 4 hours on ABQ Trolley X as we tour Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's Albuquerque. 

BaD Tours take place on a luxury, climate controlled, 14-passenger Mercedes van. This premium tour X-perience includes 4 hours of locations from all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad (and a few from Better Call Saul).

There will be Breaking Bad trivia and great prizes from local Albuquerque businesses given out on the tour. The BaD Tour is approximately 38 miles long. A restroom break and complimentary drink will be provided approximately 1-hour into the tour at Twisters Grill (Los Pollos Hermanos). There will be a second restroom stop at the A1A Car Wash.

Starting March 2019, BaD Tours will be offered as a group tour with a minimum of six people. The tour can also be booked as a private tour. Please send your group and private tour inquiries of six or more to