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A New Mexico Christmas


Jerry Dean presents "A New Mexico Christmas... the musical, concert, & dance". The show starts out with the musical/concert which is a Christmas love story that takes you through a tour of New Mexico cities and towns as both boy and girl are offered a wish by two magical snowmen played by actor/comedian, Steven Michael Quezada (hit series "Breakin' Bad") and radio personality (KISS FM)/comedian, Anthony "Animal" Garcia. As the boy (artist/Christian Sanchez) and girl (artist/Maiya) interact in comedy skits with "Frosty Michael Quezada" and "Frosty Animal Garcia", the audience is treated to music by New Mexico artists from across the state that showcases the culture of New Mexico musical heritage. Musical artist include Chevel Shepherd, Jerry Dean, Steve Chavez, Cuarenta y Cinco (Ernie Montoya), Grupo Mezcal (Ernie Marquez), Eva Torrez, El Gringo, Chelea Chavez, Jeremy Sanchez, Anita, Brenda Ortega, Antonio Reyna and Marisol. The musical runs approx. 2 hours 10 minutes with a 15 minute intermission and ends with a Christian/Christmas message. The "dance" part of the show will have people dancing for approx. 45 minutes (till 10pm).