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A 60's Summer Suite
Featuring Zenobia Conkerite and Tracy Whitney
June 18, 2022 • 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The 60’s were a time of change! With the Vietnam War raging on, the call for Civil Rights, the shocking assassinations of Martin L King, JFK, RFK, and more who stood against hate, it was the music of the 60’s that laid the groundwork for new ideals. The slogan, Peace, Love and Happiness, were not only used in chants and in protests, but they were also the topics of songs. The inclusiveness in these songs calmed the soul, raised the spirits and helped to foster a new coming together.

Concert producer's vocalist/keyboardist Zenobia and vocalist Tracey Whitney celebrate the creators and the singers of some of those history-making tunes. They will be joined by Musical Director/guitarist Stephen Dewave Peace, keyboardist John Funkhouser, bassist Milo Jaramillo, drummer John Bartlit and violinist Robb Janov.