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5th Annual New Mexico Prickly Pear Festival

Hey prickly pear people! We are so excited to be back for our 5th Annual Prickly Pear Festival, returning to the Gutierrez Hubbell House for another festival filled with food, art, music, and more celebrating everything prickly pear.We've got all kinds of things for cooks and eaters with cooking demos, tastings, and vendor market and this year we’re packing everything into one with programming for farmers, ranchers, and gardeners all in the same day! And we’ve got quite the day in store for you.
We’ll have a stocked vendor market with 50 plus vendors selling all kinds of prickly pear eats, treats, arts, crafts, bath & body products and more. Then for our prickly pear cooks and eaters we’ll have cooking demos from Israel Rivera, the chef and owner of The Shop, and from our partners at Three Sisters Kitchen. Then registered dietitian and owner of Tumbleweed Nutrition, Denee Bex, will be talking to folks about some of the nutritional benefits of prickly pear and their role in functional diets, as well as their place in diets of Native and Indigenous communities of the Southwest.
Throughout the day we’ll two different prickly per arts and crafts activities. Including two prickly per print making works from OffCenter Arts as well as two natural dye workshops with Kalyn Finnell, using natural dye from cochineal, the prickly pear cactus insect.
Then inside the Hubbell House we’ll have all our programming focused for farmers, ranchers, and gardeners including a talk from Kactas Foods, two decade old prickly pear nopal based company from Mexico, about some of the challenges and opportunities of using prickly pear as part of a food business. As well as a panel around using prickly pear and other arid adapted crops in agricultural systems and receiving funding for these kinds of sustainable practices with Lorenzo Dominguez owner of Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms.
Finally, to round out the afternoon, coming to our prickly pear stage, we’ll have performances by Ailani, Almost Always Never, and Gold Tides.
Tickets are now available; $8 for early bird General Admission (until Sept 1st), $6 for student/child/veteran tickets, then $10 General Admission (after Sept 1st) and $8 for student/child/veteran tickets
We hope you’ll join us for this year’s festival!