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2nd Saturdays with Puerta al Tango


Come experience a dance of feeling and an art form that lives in the now! 6pm to 6:45pm free class (5:30pm studio is open)

2nd Saturdays are unique opportunities to try one of our free classes. At 7pm we have one of our monthly social events, Practi*Longa, which is a relaxed social gathering for dancing tango. If you are new to tango and have just taken our free class you are welcome to stay and experience (and even dance) at this event the same evening!
Dress: clean and casual, no fuss. Some people dress up a little for Practi*Longa. Most just come in jeans and a nice casual shirt... no stress for Practi*Longa with the dress. We have dance socks that slip over your shoes at the studio, too.