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2018 Under the Stars Summer Concert Series: Tony Cesarano's /Max Hatt & Edda Glass


Tony Cesarano's Jazz Guitar and Flute of the 1960's: The 1960’s ushered in a period of revolution for many cultural art forms and American jazz was certainly one of them. American Pop rock and Latin grooves from Latin America and Brazil were added and blended into the existing jazz repertoire. New tunes were composed and recorded by the emergent artists of the time fusing the various rhythms into their tunes. This period also saw the rise of the popularity of the flute, from a reed player doubling instrument to a jazz solo instrument in its own right and well suited for the music that was rising at the time.

Tony Cesarano is a guitarist who grew up in the 1960’s in New York City. He studied jazz guitar at the time and was the prodigy of the famous Hungarian born jazz guitarist, Attilla Zoller. Later Tony when on to become a professional New York City guitarist, making his living playing in the pits of Broadway, traveling musicals, as well as playing for Radio City Music Hall for 28 years. Tony will play a selection of tunes recorded by famous jazz guitarists and flutists from that period. Joining Tony are Bonnie Schmader-flute, Pat Rhoads-piano, Mark Tatum-bass, Doug Cardwell-drums and Joey Trujillo-percussion.

Fly Down to Rio with Max Hatt & Edda Glass: an evening of Brazilian Bossa Nova - The classic works of Antonio Carlos Jobim and other Brazilian greats, plus complimentary jazz standards that illustrate the colossal impact of bossa Nova on American jazz. Features the lilting, swaying original Portuguese as well as English, as sung by Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto, Elis Regina, and their contemporaries. 

Max Hatt / Edda Glass havea unique sound that's taken them across the county from NPR Mountain Stage to NYC's Lincoln Center, DC's Kennedy Center, and the Sundance Film Festival. Praised for her impeccable vocal command and compared to a gamut of singers from Astrud Gilberto to Billie Holliday, Glass's voice ultimately is one of a kind. Hatt's equally distinctive guitar work combines the harmonic innovations of jazz and classical with the melodic resonance of folk, creating a music that is unique and innovative.