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12x12 Fundraising Exhibition at Harwood


Harwood Art Center is pleased to announce the 13th Annual 12x12 Fundraising Exhibition, one of Albuquerque’s most anticipated art events. Over 250 local artists of all ages have created and donated original 6”x6”, 12”x12” and various “Prelude” works for the occasion. 12”x12” works by emerging and established artists are sold for $144 each and Youth 6”x6” and 12”x12” works are sold for a flat rate of $36 and $44 respectively. Saturday, December 7, 6 - 8pm (Harwood doors open at 4:30pm, galleries open at 6pm).

Hundreds of people attend 12x12 each year. The line to enter the exhibitions and purchase artwork begins forming hours before the gallery doors open. The reception is exciting and suspenseful, as artists’ names are not revealed until purchase. All funds raised through 12x12 support Harwood’s arts education
and community outreach programs – multifaceted, immersive offerings shaped by and for participants of all ages, backgrounds, perspectives and identities.Prelude, our featured exhibition, highlights the intersections of art, design and daily living. Prelude supports Harwood *and* our collaborating artists, who receive a percentage of sales. Participating artists include: Jill Christian, Colleen Davy, Staci Drangmeister, Jonathan Guiney, Danny Hart, Christine Hernandez, Jessica Kennedy, Jared Tso, and Chelsea Wrightson.

Works are available for direct purchase at Harwood or online at (Nov 18 - Dec 13). In addition to the exhibitions and auction, the 12x12 event will feature food generously provided by over a dozen local restaurants. The event is family friendly and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $5 – $20 at the door.