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‘33(a kabarett)


“Laughter and jaw-dropping physicality... a must see.”
— Theatre Jones, Dallas.  
A one man musical, written and performed by Bremner Fletcher Duthie with original direction by Dave Dawson. In a ruined theatre an actor tumbles onto a dark stage. When the lights come up, he finds himself alone: his friends and colleagues disappeared, arrested by the authorities. Only their glittering, torn costumes remain. So, in tribute, he defiantly recreates the acts of the missing company. '33(a kabarett) is about choosing to speak up in the face of censorship and oppression. '33 says we grieve in sorrow, but can fight back with energy, laughter and life.

'33(a kabarett) has been invited to festivals across North America, Europe and Asia. Video, music, reviews, bio and more at

“He will have you close to tears one moment and laughing the next - an absolute joy to watch. ”
— New Orleans Defender Magazine
“An incredible one-man show. Brilliant acting.”
— PBS America