Make the New Mexico Safe Promise Today

Make the Promise to Follow COVID-Safe Practices and Keep New Mexico Healthy and Safe

The New Mexico Save Promise initiative, presented by the New Mexico Hospitality Association (NMHA), invites all New Mexicans and visitors to New Mexico to make a personal commitment to follow COVID-19 Safe Practices to help make New Mexico the safest place for its families, workers, and customers. This initiative is about local communities supporting each other to ensure that all New Mexicans are self-accountable to abide by best practice safety standards. To make the New Mexico Safe Promise, visit

By making the New Mexico Safe Promise, everyone in New Mexico commits to:

»  Use a face covering while in public

»  Stay six feet from others while in public

»  Stay home when sick

»  Wash their hands frequently and follow recommended hygiene practices 

»  Participate in any COVID-19 related training made available at their workplace 

The New Mexico Safe Promise campaign was developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic and in conjunction with the safe reopening of businesses throughout the state through practices aligned with New Mexico Department of Health ordinances and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. This initiative hopes to unify the entire state of New Mexico through the protection of the health of its communities, residents, and customers. 

Please take a minute to make the promise and encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to make the promise as well. You can also help by sharing on your social media outlets.

For more information on the New Mexico Safe Promise campaign and to make the promise, visit


Find New Mexico Safe Certified businesses in Albuquerque here. 

The New Mexico Safe Certified program trains business owners and managers in COVID-Safe Practices. The program offers free, on-demand training courses for the following types of hospitality businesses:

  • Hotels and lodging
  • Restaurants
  • Golf courses
  • Tour operators
  • Retailers
  • Spas and salons

The goal of the training program is to make New Mexico the safest state in the Southwest for residents, employees, customers and guests. Each course consists of short video lessons that review the COVID-Safe Practices (CSPs) issued by the State of New Mexico, providing guidance on best practices, compliance and implementation. After completing the course, the viewer takes a brief quiz to ensure understanding. A hospitality business can earn NM Safe Certification when its management team has completed all required courses and passed the quizzes.

To view a list of businesses that have earned certification or to start the certification process for your business, visit

Learn More About COVID-19 Restrictions in ABQ

The health and safety of our city’s residents and visitors is Visit Albuquerque’s highest priority. Travelers are encouraged to always exercise healthy travel habits when traveling and to follow guidance issued by official sources of public health information.

Click here for details on restrictions, guidelines and a safe reopening.