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Media Release

Published: 05/31/2012
Alicia Borrego Pierce 505-264-5464

The Museum of Natural History & Science is host to exclusive Transit to Venus events!

Hear from one of the few scientists who studied Venus and participated in scientific analysis of both Russian and American missions to Venus – Dr. Larry Crumpler.
Dr. Crumpler worked as a research scientist with both Russian and American missions to Venus in the 1980s and 1990s. He is Lead Author of the Magellan Venus Volcano Catalog, prepared by analysis of radar data from the U.S. Magellan Mission to Venus; and lead author of numerous research articles, including a landmark article on Venus global volcanism published in Science. He received his B.S. in geology at North Carolina State, M.S. in geology at UNM, and Ph.D. in Planetary Science at the University of Arizona. His work lately has been “on” Mars as a science team member of the Mars Rover Mission and on Earth studying New Mexico’s volcanoes

Schedule of Events

Sunday, June 3, 2012: Educational transit activities
• 11:00am – 2:00pm
• 1:00pm: Special talk on Venus by Dr. Larry Crumpler
Activities free with paid museum admission

Tuesday, June 5, 2012: Transit of Venus
On June 5, a Transit of Venus will occur, where the planet Venus visibly and slowly moves across the disk of the sun. This is the ONLY transit of Venus that will take place during the remainder of the 21st century. If you miss this, you will never see it again in your lifetime! And it is also viewed perfectly in Albuquerque.

• 3:00-8:00pm: View the Venus Transit!
• Fun activities for the whole family
• Live webcast in the Museum's Planetarium
• 6:00pm: Talk by Dr. Larry Crumpler
Activities free with paid museum admission
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