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Media Release

Published: 04/08/2015
Suzanne Sbarge 505-242-1445

Studio Sale in the Gallery + Contemporary Art Auction

WHEN: May 2 - 9, 2015
            Public Opening Reception: Saturday, May 2, 6-8pm
            Members' Preview: 5-6pm
            (join the Friends of 516 ARTS at
HOURS: Sunday - Saturday, 12-5pm (closed Monday)
WHERE: 516 ARTS, 516 Central Avenue SW, between 5th & 6th Streets, Downtown Albuquerque
INFO: 505-242-1445,
CONTACTS & PHOTOS: Suzanne Sbarge, 505-242-1445,

A new kind of fundraiser!
The nonprofit 516 ARTS presents a fundraising event featuring Albuquerque-based, contemporary artists who, using the popular studio sale format, are selling selected works from their inventories at fantastic discounts and creating new work on the spot. Meet the artists and buy work off the wall to take home. Artists will be present during weekend hours. Build your collection and connect with exceptional artists! Featured artists are Bret Aaker, Lea Anderson, Travis Bruce Black, Jessica Chao, Sally Condon, Evan Dent, Jessica Kennedy, Cheryl Dietz, Valerie Roybal, Brooke Steiger and Joshua Willis. Come out and show your support for 516 ARTS and the artists in our community by buying work at great prices!

Vintage Tamarind prints
This event includes a selection of vintage Tamarind lithographs and prints by renowned artists at very special sale prices to benefit 516 ARTS. Artists include Travis Whitfield, Suzanne Klotz Riley, Andrew Dasburg, Leonard Lehrer and Roy De Forest. These Tamarind works and additional prints are courtesy of the collection of Holly Roberts.

Contemporary Art Auction: April 18 - May 1
Starting April 18, to bid visit
One piece by each artist in the Studio Sale, as well as all of the prints from Holly Roberts' collection, are being auctioned to benefit both 516 ARTS and the artists. The online auction closes at 5:00pm on Friday, May 1 and the highest bids will be transferred to the silent auction in person at the opening reception on Saturday, May 2. Bidding ends at 7:30pm.

About the Artists
Selected by 516 ARTS staff by invitation, these contemporary artists are all highly prolific and want to share the work in their studios with the public. BRET AAKER draws on wooden panels and then burnishes and paints them with acrylic. He arranges collected imagery from the Internet into surprising compositions juxtaposing art history, popular culture and local vernacular. LEA ANDERSON presents a range of organically dynamic paintings, prints, sculptures and more, sampling pieces both large and small, all alive with color, texture and visual delight. TRAVIS
BRUCE BLACK is offering his fantasy abstracted birds in watercolor and acrylic in an array of sizes as well as his R&D silkscreen works, drawings and anonymous portraits. JESSICA CHAO is showing oils, acrylics, lithographs and drawings including portraits and animal figures that share vibrant color palettes and the intricacy of details to display surrealistic narrations of the human and natural world. SALLY CONDON presents mixed media, abstract paintings expressing her love of color and in which light is generated rather than represented. Her compositions express her feelings of connection and mystery. EVAN DENT is offering figurative narratives in the form of
framed drawings and paintings from past shows, loose drawings and prints as well as studio ephemera.

JESSICA KENNEDY's selection of colorful, lush abstractions includes studies, lithographs, framed and unframed works on paper and paintings on canvas and panels. The subjects of CHERYL DIETZ's paintings and drawings shift back and forth between people in environments and the environments themselves, but they are always set outside in the light or the dark. They portray textures of city, land and sky superimposed over figures or twisted and turned into upside-down landscapes of light and color. VALERIE ROYBAL is showing work that draws from the natural world and contemporary design with mixed media collages on boards and paper (some framed), ready-to-hang embroideries, hand-pulled and digital prints, as well as artist's books and more. BROOKE STEIGER presents an eclectic collection of prints, drawings, paintings, collages and found objects inspired by nature as well as culture and the human-built world. Many of the pieces feature animals, insects and botanical forms set in colorful and complex architectural spaces. JOSHUA WILLIS is offering abstract works that emphasize integration, mark making, color and materials usage, resulting in what he calls a fluid, reformed architecture.

What is 516 ARTS and why support it?
516 ARTS is a one-of-a-kind, independent, grassroots, nonprofit organization that provides contemporary arts programs in an accessible learning context, reaching a wide audience of residents, visitors, families, schools and the community. It is a thriving hub for the arts in the Downtown revitalization process, attracting crowds for arts and culture activities. And it plays a key role for the arts and culture in New Mexico and the Southwest by leading expansive collaborations that bring together artists, businesses, and public, private and civic organizations
around our common concerns. YOUR SUPPORT of 516 ARTS makes all this possible.
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