What: US Boomerang Association National Tournament and Exposition

When: Friday, July 26 – Sunday, July 28

Hours: 8am – 4pm Friday – Sunday

Cost: The competitions are free and open to the public.
Anyone is welcome to compete, which does require a registration fee.

Where: Balloon Fiesta Park

• There will be seven competitive events.
• Events vary from Fast Catch (the amount of time for five throws and catches where the boomerang travels 20 meters every throw, World Record time under 15 sec.) to Long Distance (the distance the boomerang travels from the throwing line, out and back, WR distance 238 meters out AND 238m back) to the classic Aussie Round event (points for distance, accuracy and catching).
• Other events are Accuracy, Endurance, Maximum Time Aloft and Trick Catch/Doubling
• A competition will also be held for artistic design and craftsmanship of boomerangs.
• The long distance competition will be on Friday and the other six events will be on Saturday, approximately 8-4 each day. Sunday will have H2H (Head to Head) competition amongst top throwers and boomerang games will be demonstrated, with the public welcome to participate.
• 100 competitors ages 10-70+ traveling from around the U.S. and even as far away as Tokyo.
• Boomerang making will be demonstrated. Boomerangs will be available from vendors.

History: Boomerang competition is a serious sport, comprising skills similar to top ranked tennis or baseball athletes. The U.S. Boomerang Association (USBA) was formed over 30 years ago. The USBA is a member of the IFBA (International Federation of Boomerang Associations), which has international team and individual competition every two years. There are almost 40 countries in the IFBA. The 2012 competition was in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 2014 will be in Perth, Australia. US Team Trials will be held Nov. 1-3 in Dallas where competitors will vie to earn a spot on a US Team going to Perth.

Boomerangs are safe using proper care or supervision. Boomerangs are not hunting devices and are NOT as portrayed in the movies. Hunting by the Australian aboriginals (and other cultures) was done with throw sticks, large sticks that have some flight characteristics but do not return. Modern boomerangs are light weight. Throw sticks are not used in USBA tournaments. General boomerang info is available at www.usba.org.