ALBUQUERQUE, NM--Looking for a fun family activity this weekend? Look no further than the Kids' Fishing Fair at Tingley Beach, Sunday, February 23, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Children, ages 11 and under, are invited to learn all about fishing and native wildlife by visiting fun and interactive discovery stations. No registration is required, so bring the kids and cast your line. (Older teens are also welcome, but anyone that is 12 years or older will need a New Mexico fishing license.)

"The Kids' Fishing Fair is completely free and a great way for families to explore this great park that they can come back to visit on their own anytime," said Christy Cook, BioVan and Tingley Beach Education Facilitator. "We saw so much wildlife at last year's event, including several porcupines in the bosque right next to Tingley Beach. This is a wonderful way for kids to discover the wildlife and start learning a skill like fishing that will encourage them to explore the outdoors throughout life."

Learn about fishing from expert Ti Piper, who writes and teaches about fishing and science around New Mexico. See and touch bones and porcupine quills at the wildlife display--the BioVan Rangers can also introduce you to local animals, including the waterfowl on the ponds. Learn about endangered silvery minnows and other rare animals from the BioPark's Aquatic Conservation Facility staff. Make your own fishy arts and crafts, and of course, see if you can catch a fish in the Children's Pond or Main Pond.

The Kids' Fishing Fair is a free BioPark event. In accordance with New Mexico fishing laws, anyone 12 years of age or older must have with them a current New Mexico fishing license while fishing at Tingley Beach.