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The Turquoise Museum Announces New Public Art Piece 

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- July 21, 2023 -- The Turquoise Museum is proud to announce a partnership with renowned artist Noé Barnett of NB Artistry to create a stunning new mural. The mural, currently being painted on a wall in the Turquoise Museum parking lot, will honor the museum's rich history and showcase the artist's signature style.

“We are thrilled to partner with Noé Barnett on this exciting project,” said Turquoise Museum Executive Director Jacob Lowry. “The mural is a beautiful representation of our museum and the gemstone we showcase. We can't wait to share it with visitors from around the world.”

Noé Barnett is a celebrated artist with an impressive portfolio of murals and public art installations across the United States. His work is known for its vibrant colors and bold designs, which often incorporate elements of the local culture and community.

The Turquoise Museum mural is no exception. The design features intricate turquoise patterns and motifs, paying homage to the museum's collection of stunning turquoise jewelry and artifacts. 

The mural is expected to be completed very soon. Visitors to the Turquoise Museum and downtown Albuquerque are encouraged to stop by and see the work in progress.

For more information on Noé Barnett and his work, visit his website at

“We are excited for the new piece of art and what it will bring to our campus, our neighborhood, and our visitors,” said Lowry.